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The Accreditation Body of Serbia (ATS) as a national accreditation body was founded by the Republic of Serbia and is located in Belgrade.

Pursuant to the Law on Accreditation, ATS has a task to assess the competence of conformity assessment bodies (CABs) to perform testing, calibration, inspection, and certification of products, management systems and persons.

The existence of a competent, impartial and independent accreditation system is a strategic objective that ATS strives to attain at all times so that clients of ATS-accredited laboratories/inspection bodies/certification bodies, citizens, consumers, and business community in the Republic of Serbia could place their trust in the services provided by ATS-accredited CABs.

ATS activities are oriented to the upgrade of its system of operation in order to maintain and extend the scope of signed multilateral agreements (МLAs) and the accreditation system that was put in place. This will increase  the level of efficiency of accreditation procedures in all fields of conformity assessment and provision of safety of goods and services in our country and abroad.