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Public Sector Assurance

Public Sector Assurance – the site that will help you learn about the benefits of using accredited conformity assessment


Having in mind the importance of conformity assessment and accreditation for the upgrade of public administration and economy of a country the most influential international organisations in this field (IAF, ILAC, ISO and IIOC) developed a website that illustrates this with a range of case studies which demonstrate how:

  • Government can improve its own performance by the use of conformity assessment by its own departments
  • Government can help improve the performance of business by encouraging the use of conformity assessment
  • Conformity assessment can help government deliver its policies
  • Conformity assessment helps regulators regulate.

The website covers the following topics: Construction, Crime and Security, Economic Development, Efficient Delivery of Public Services, Energy, Environmental Protection, Food Safety and Agriculture, Health and Safety, Healthcare, Products and Services, Trade.

Public Sector Assurance showcases how accredited conformity assessment is used around the world (the Republic of Serbia is included) by central government, local government and regulators to deliver positive benefit. To illustrate the value of conformity assessment, case studies from around the world in key policy areas show how different tools help government officials and regulators deliver results.

Each topic contains case studies of how government and regulators have used accredited conformity assessment. This is backed up with research confirming this success and supporting information to delve deeper.

If you want your story to be posted on this website, please send us an email at: office@ats.rs.